HengLi International Trade

Dalian HengLi International Trade Co., Ltd
Company Profile
Incorporation : October 17, 2003
Registered Capital : 1 million RMB
Employees: Twelve
Main Export Products Content
1.Gray cast iron, ductile iron, high strength ductile iron and its machinery processed products.
2. The weldment and its machinery processed products.
3. Carbon steel, stainless steel castings, and its machinery processed products.
4. Die-cast aluminum and its mechanical processed products.
5. Bronze castings, brass castings, aluminum alloy castings and its machinery processed products.
6. Valves, strainers, pumps and their parts.
7. Iron-and-steel-made components and parts of construction machinery.
8. Electric motors, reducer, engine parts.
9. Construction hardware.
10. Steel pipe.
Operating Characteristics
1.We have our own production factory and a number of outsourcing factories.
2.All the products are exported to Japan.
Our company's business philosophy: humanity, environmental-friendly, reputation, quality (quality reputation)